How to easily clean Jewelry

How to easily clean jewelry

How to easily clean jewelry.  There are diverse types of jewelry cleaners on the market today. Depending on how your jewelry was made, these types of jewelry cleaners may or may not be safe for your jewelry! Before you start to clean your jewelry, take a good long deep look at the jewelry, and try to determine what it is made of.  If you are not sure, visit this website

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First off, any jewelry that has pieces glued on should not be soaked in jewelry cleaner. Instead, use a
little Woolite mixed with bottled water and soak the piece for just a couple of minutes. Remove the piece from the mixture and dry it immediately but gently with a soft lint-free cloth. Use a soft toothbrush to gently scrub small crevices.

Do you soak Pearls?

How to easily clean Jewelry

Do not soak pearl jewelry. Yes, they may come from a harsh environment in the ocean, however, tap water from the sink may damage them, and way too many minerals.   Use bottled water and simply wipe the pearl with a damp cloth, then use a polishing cloth to give it back its shine.

You should never soak any of your jewelry overnight. It is not necessary, and it may harm your jewelry. The most important thing to know is what type of gems are used in your jewelry, and how the piece was constructed. This will help you determine how to safely clean your jewelry.

Cleaning Diamonds

What about cleaning diamond jewelry? The best way to keep your diamond jewelry looking good is to soak it in a gentle soap solution, such as bottled water with a few drops of Dawn dish soap. This should be done about 1-2 times per month.

How to easily clean jewelry

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